What we do

Working side-by-side with business customers, we strive to find successful outcomes to telco challenges.

You can have the best technology in the world, but without the right people to put it to work in the right way, technology alone is not enough.

Telenova connects its customers not just to the best technical solutions, but to the talented people and their skills that help boost growth, profitability and success. We help you problem solve, put strategies in place, innovate, undertake due diligence, conduct research and deliver operational strength and agility.

In short, we understand the whole picture – not just the technological one – and we want you to succeed.

How we work

We start with the challenge that you face and work together to find real solutions we know will work for you and your customers.

We have a highly experienced core team and a network of over 270 international associates who know what works and what doesn’t, and we deliver on our promises every time.

Telenova is consistent, transparent in our offering and processes and very easy to do business with.

Meet the team

Chris Joel


Chris has worked in telecoms all his career across many different roles which has given him a great understanding of the industry both from the operator, vendor and service provider perspective.

Chris is passionate about travelling and cooking and sharing good food and drinks with friends and family.

Mitch Reynolds


Mitch spent 21 years at GEC, GPT, Marconi, Ericsson in a variety of roles including production, project, business & account management across all services areas. After his escape, he joined Nova Incepta in 2009, to grow the repairs business. Mitch is married with 3 children and an old house which leaves him little time for hobbies, except the occasional real ale.

Richard Kendall


Richard has been in the telecoms industry longer than he may wish to admit to and this has allowed him to develop a wealth of experience, market knowledge and business acumen.

Richard is a keen walker, either with his dogs or golf clubs, and enjoys playing, and more so watching, many other sports, especially cricket.

Kerry Jacobs


Having spent c.25 years in Telecoms and learning the tools from the Corporate world, Kerry’s specialism and passion is in start-ups. From investment through to delivery she is keen to support businesses at every stage ensuring that their full potential is fully reached and recognised. A people person and true operator with a strong and determined delivery focus, some say she is fun too! A devoted mum to Ryan and Kaiya, she enjoys furniture restoration and walking.

Chris Dingle


Having spent many years in the Far East from university onwards, Chris worked in government trade promotion roles and joint ventures in the mechanical and chemical engineering sectors before starting nearly 30 years’ experience in telecommunications.

Chris worked in a wide range of roles for GPT, Siemens and KCOM, most recently as Head of Wholesale, before joining the Telenova team in January 2022, based from home in rural Somerset.

Tim Naylor


With a telco career spanning over 35 years, Tim has worked for BT, Virgin Media, Nortel Communications and KCOM in many roles that have spanned operations, delivery and project management. He brings experience of delivering outstanding customer service and ongoing continuous improvements in an ever-changing telco environment.

Tim has managed multiple technical engineering teams, major change projects and programs, and third-party contracts and relationships. He has a comprehensive understanding of management techniques and holds an MBA from Nottingham Trent University.

Glen Jeffrey


Glen has been in the business for over 30 years, covering technologies from voice switching, transmission and IP.
He has built and managed network operations centres and major UK and pan-European networks, whilst working for some of biggest carriers and equipment vendors in Europe.
A proud Yorkshireman and a keen sailor (when the weather suits!) he is always up for a trip out on his beloved catamaran, when work permits.