Warranty and returns

The below are applicable to Customer purchases of Goods from Telenova via Telenova’s website. Except as expressly stated below, all other warranties and conditions whether express or implied by statute, common law or otherwise are excluded to the extent permitted by law.


  • Status of the Goods as either New or Repaired/Refurbished shall be indicated on the on-line catalogue and/or during the order process.
  • Goods provided as New shall carry will carry the original manufacturer’s limited Warranty only to the extent rights thereunder are available to Telenova and Customer. Otherwise, Goods provided as New shall be provided with a twelve month (365 day) limited Warranty.
  • For Goods provided as Repaired/Refurbished, a three month (90 day) limited Warranty will be provided.
  • Date of Warranty shall commence on Telenova’s despatch of the Goods or carrier collection of the Goods from Telenova’s warehouse.
  • In the event of validated Warranty claims for Defective Goods, Telenova shall at its own option for Goods provided as Repaired/Refurbished or, subject always to the option of the vendor or manufacturer, for Goods provided as New, arrange for repair or replacement of the Goods or refund the fees paid by Customer for such Goods (following Customer’s return of the Goods) or provide a workaround for the Defect.
  • Goods replaced or repaired under Warranty will be subject to any unexpired portion of the period of Warrant given on the original supply of the Goods.


  • Prior to returning any Goods to Telenova for replacement or repair, Customer must contact the Telenova to obtain a returns material authorisation number (‘RMA’) to be quoted in Customer’s Return documentation together with a detailed description of the fault.
  • All Goods are returned at Customer’s risk and expense and must be packed in an appropriate manner to avoid any further damage. Customer is responsible for returning Goods to Telenova and for providing proof of delivery of such return.
  • On receipt of Goods returned as Defective, if Telenova cannot replicate the claimed fault or identify the claimed damage, Telenova shall return the Goods to Customer and, at its sole discretion, charge for delivery.
  • Any opening, dismantling, copying, alteration or modification, by Customer or any third party or any for storage, usage, installation or maintenance of the Goods in any way other than per the manufacturer’s instructions will invalidate any Warranty implied or provided.
  • The foregoing sets forth Customer’s sole and exclusive remedies for a breach of the above limited Warranties.

Risk, Transfer of Title and Delivery of Returned Goods

  • Risk in the returned Goods shall transfer to Telenova on receipt of Goods, and to Customer on delivery of repaired or replacement Goods.
  • Where Telenova provides replacement Goods, Title in the replacement Goods shall transfer to Customer on Telenova’s despatch of such replacement Goods and Title in the Goods being replaced shall transfer to Telenova.
  • Customer shall ensure that all provided addresses for delivery are correct and that accredited personnel are available to take delivery of returned or replaced Goods during normal working hours or at such time out of normal working hours as may be notified and agreed.
  • If arrangements are not in place to receive delivery of Goods within working hours or at such time outside normal working hours as may be notified and agreed, Telenova will be entitled to reschedule the delivery of the Goods of the Services and, at its sole discretion, to charge for an abortive visit and for the rearrangement of delivery.