Pioneering your network frontier

From sunrise to sunset, Telenova understands every aspect of network evolution and can advise, help transform or support your journey.

Our experts have a profound understanding of the market, the technologies – old and new – and how to harness them to solve your individual operational challenges.

Each network frontier presents distinctive objectives, hurdles, and opportunities, so why not check out our vast range of services and see if we can help you navigate your network evolution.

Expertise on-demand to guide you through the network lifecycle

Charting a course for success

Whether making strategic decisions, mitigating risks, managing time, or reducing uncertainty, strategy and planning is an essential part of the network journey.

We have some of the most experienced, talented and knowledgeable telecoms professionals in the industry who can provide analysis and valued advice.

We work closely with you to play a vital role in business planning, M&A strategies, and due diligence for any network or infrastructure project, by guiding you through the complexities of improving network efficiency and reducing costs.

Let us help you chart a course for success.

Deliver your transformation

Through a blend of technical skills, operational expertise, and deep market knowledge, we can design and build networks that transform your organisation and deliver a roadmap for future growth.

We offer:

  • A collaborative approach to employing rigorous processes, using our unmatched real-world experience.
  • Tailored solutions to address your specific needs with precision and safely transform your networks.
  • Flexible solutions – skilled engineers and a UK operations centre offer adaptable results that align with your core capabilities.

Are you ready for network transformation?

Rocket propel your efficiencies

Thanks to many years of telecom network building and operating, our team of experts know what works – and what doesn’t. Through close collaboration with clients and a set of robust processes, we can;

  • Audit network and data quality for optimisation and future transformation
  • Help navigate legacy challenges, freeing your experts for cutting-edge technologies and reducing risks.
  • Streamline spares and repairs with our specialised service and network of partners.
  • Provide innovative obsolescence solutions to extend your legacy network’s lifespan.

Are you ready to streamline your network and rocket propel your efficiencies?

Mission Accomplished

When it’s time to reduce or retire a legacy network, our collaborative approach and robust processes make Telenova the ideal partner for successful network transformation and compaction programmes.

We can:

  • Deliver power and real-estate footprint savings via network compaction.
  • Embrace the circular economy by reusing legacy assets.
  • Ensure environmentally focused recycling services.
  • Assist in the resale of assets.
  • Ensure assets find purpose beyond their initial use.
  • Find spares and repairs for your network.

Are you ready to reduce and remove legacy systems? Is your network’s mission accomplished?

Latest news

In a very challenged and dynamic UK telecoms market, every operator is clambering to ensure they meet their customer connectivity targets. Here we look at if there are strategies beyond just marketing, for operators to gain traction and connect more new customers. 
Thanks to an aging workforce, the telco industry is dealing with the significant challenge of maintenance and operation of legacy Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) networks. SDH networks, introduced in the 1990s were revolutionary, providing exceptional traffic path availability through advanced management, reporting, and protection mechanisms.
Introduced in the 1990s, “self-healing” SDH networks once represented a revolutionary step forward in network architecture, synchronisation, and protection. With networks moving to higher bandwidth, lower cost ethernet circuits, this once industry standard technology is being replaced, but this cannot be achieved overnight, and a host of risks emerge if SDH networks are not adequately maintained or decommissioned with the proper care. Understanding these challenges is crucial for network operators.
Telent specialises in the effective operation of critical national infrastructure. It designs, delivers and supports solutions and services which enable organisations to create, improve and operate the ICT and communication networks that businesses depend on. Its industry expertise, technology partnerships, accreditations and committed teams make telent a partner of choice for organisations at the forefront of the digital revolution.
When we talk about convergence, it usually involves us integrating two technologies together to do something technologically new or better than before. But too often we forget to think about convergence of cyber security technology with the wider physical world around us.
We read a lot about what the ‘Internet of Things’ (IOT) can bring to modern day living – that is to say, the array of devices we can connect to the net to deliver us the services we need. Not simply internet shopping, but a whole plethora of services that can be delivered to us at home, such as health services – booking appointments with GPs, interacting with our kids’ schools in their learning programmes, driverless cars and home automation – even our bins may eventually be linked to the ‘smart cities’ in which we live to tell the council when to empty them.

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