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Technology rollout

Roll-out your network swiftly, installing diverse technologies, innovatively extending legacy networks, and conquering obsolescence challenges for seamless and sustained network operations that drive your success.

  • Technology Staging: Use our UK operations for receiving, quality assurance, and pre-staging of your technologies with precision.
  • Assured Rollouts: Rely on our teams for comprehensive site surveys, ensuring the success of your deployments.
  • Customised Installation Design: We can craft full installation designs and produce job packs, guiding your engineers for seamless execution.
  • Expert Deployment: Our skilled engineers excel in installing, commissioning, and optimising optical, IP, access networks, and IT technologies.
  • Effortless Handovers: Post-installation, count on us for detailed site as-builts, ensuring a smooth handover to your operational functions.

Accelerate your network expansion with Telenova's expert technology rollout services

Our technology rollout work

Working with KCom to provide a turnkey service for decommissioning, recovery, and disposal of its legacy national optical network, ensuring maximum return under a consignment agreement.
UPP worked with Telenova to implement a Radius server solution, encompassing health checks, API installation, configuration, and validation. UPP, now part of Virgin Media O2, elevates broadband connectivity in East England through fiber-optic networks.
Tel Bru
Telenova managed TelBru’s FTTH network project, covering design, planning, and deployment. As Brunei’s top telco, TelBru offers fixed line, internet, broadband, leased lines, and data services, contributing significantly to the country’s ICT ecosystem.
Swish Fibre
Swish Fibre received essential resources, including technical expertise from Telenova, to meet initial objectives. As a top Full Fibre broadband provider, Swish Fibre aims to boost UK connectivity, aiming for a higher global coverage ranking.
Telenova extended KCom’s legacy national network using secondary market equipment, ensuring seamless service delivery without new technology integration. This supported KCom’s communication and integration services throughout the UK.
Telenova delivered a comprehensive solution for the rapid installation and commissioning of various technologies in POP builds, ensuring the achievement of UPP’s ambitious timeline. This initiative supported UPP’s mission to provide next-level broadband across the East of England.
Key technical and service delivery resources were provided by Telenova to support Ricoh UK in delivering multiple programs to Vodafone. This initiative ensured operational excellence, network assurance, and effective technology rollout, enhancing Vodafone’s service capabilities

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