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Technology strategy & selection

There are so many moving parts to consider when planning a network in a fast-paced market. Each directly impacts effectiveness, efficiency, and adaptability of your network to meet current and future business needs.

We can help you plan your technology strategy and selection, so you know you have the optimal combination of what you need for success.

  • Crafting Tech Strategies: We can pinpoint the ideal design for seamless customer service and business operations in today’s dynamic tech landscape.
  • Tech Assessment Excellence: Let us conduct a thorough assessment, design impactful proof of concepts, and guide optimal vendor selection tailored to your needs.
  • Expert Vendor Procurement: Rely on us for expert guidance in vendor selection and procurement, ensuring favourable terms with trusted suppliers.

Navigate the technology maze with Telenova's expert guidance and precision selection

Our technology strategy & selection work

Crafting a Cutting-Edge Blueprint for Future-Proof Building Management
Undertook an advisory project to review Cityfibre’s technical solution for its building management, providing it with a pathway to develop a state-of-the-art future proof operating model.​
Helping CTG Transform from Infrastructure Provider to ISP Leader
CTG were interested to expand their product offering from a pure in building infrastructure provider to a full ISP.
Telenova supported Voneus in transitioning from a fixed wireless to a fiber network operator, offering crucial resourcing and design services. This facilitated the expansion of high-speed broadband in rural and underserved areas across England and Wales.
Working with KCom to provide a turnkey service for decommissioning, recovery, and disposal of its legacy national optical network, ensuring maximum return under a consignment agreement.
Telenova audited and redesigned a national broadband network for Deloitte, evaluating costs for transitioning to an FTTH infrastructure. This initiative aimed to improve network efficiency and service delivery through strategy, design, and operational excellence.
UPP worked with Telenova to implement a Radius server solution, encompassing health checks, API installation, configuration, and validation. UPP, now part of Virgin Media O2, elevates broadband connectivity in East England through fiber-optic networks.
Tel Bru
Telenova managed TelBru’s FTTH network project, covering design, planning, and deployment. As Brunei’s top telco, TelBru offers fixed line, internet, broadband, leased lines, and data services, contributing significantly to the country’s ICT ecosystem.
Telenova extended KCom’s legacy national network using secondary market equipment, ensuring seamless service delivery without new technology integration. This supported KCom’s communication and integration services throughout the UK.
Telenova led a design project for Gigaclear, assessing the feasibility and costs of transitioning to a passive optical network (PON) architecture from point-to-point. This strategic shift aimed to enhance cost-effectiveness and digital connectivity across UK regions.

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