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Obsolescence solutions

Customise spares management, extend lifecycles, investigate, and redesign for peak performance, ensuring ongoing network assurance and reliability.

  • Root Cause Experts: Our engineers excel in technical investigations, analysing high failure rate parts and providing effective mitigation plans.
  • Legacy Support Solutions: Harness our product design experts for innovative obsolescence solutions, ensuring steadfast support for legacy platforms.

Future-proof your network with tailored obsolescence solutions

Our obsolescence solutions work

Working with Telstra to conduct a thorough investigation into a pair of cards with high failure rates, providing a detailed fault report and recommendations to mitigate network risks. As Australia’s largest telecom company, Telstra excels in network operation and product services.
Telonova adapted legacy STM16 optical cards to offer variants not available on the secondary market, ensuring ongoing network reliability for BT.
Telenova investigated and addressed a high failure rate and repeat returns of a system memory card by redesigning and remanufacturing it with current components for BT.
Telenova tackled challenges in Ericsson’s managed services, devising solutions for items lacking original equipment manufacturer (OEM) support. Our innovations ensured seamless customer delivery, vital for fulfilling contracts worldwide.
Working with BT to implement obsolescence solutions for its legacy transmission estate, extending network lifecycles. As a global communications leader, BT offers essential services across 180 countries, including fixed-line, broadband, mobile, television, and IT services.
Telenova evaluated aging transmission cards, crafting a cost-effective repair strategy to mitigate network risks. Thales, a global tech leader, excels in digital innovations like cybersecurity, aerospace, and transport.

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