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We offer comprehensive technical support for legacy infrastructure transformations, expertise for acquisitions, and operational takeover to enhance networks and implement new solutions seamlessly.

Empower your experts for new technologies by taking a legacy support service, mitigating the risks of skill obsolescence and costly vendor lock-ins.

  • Always Available Support: We provide 24/7/365 2nd and 3rd line break-fix remote support for diverse platforms and technologies.
  • Embedded Expertise: Benefit from our dedicated support resource, embedding technical expertise seamlessly into your support operations.
  • On-Site Resolutions: Count on us for tactical on-site engineering support to swiftly resolve incidents or implement planned changes.
  • Remote Tactical Assistance: We offer remote hands direction, providing tactical support for on-site or third-party engineering teams.
  • Effortless Network Management: Use our fully managed service for seamless network operations, including adds, moves, and changes with precision.

Seamless operations through comprehensive support and maintenance solutions

Our support and maintenance work

European Investment Bank’s £50M Bet on Trooli’s Ultra-Fast FTTP
Telenova carried out technical due diligence on behalf of European Investment Bank leading to a £50m investment in Trooli.
How Telenova’s Due Diligence Helped Vitruvian Partners Secure a Lucrative Deal
Vitruvian were seeking market expertise to provide due diligence in support of investment into an international VOIP operator Voxbone.
Uniting Acquired Fiber Assets for Future Success
Teneo provided a project to manage the integration of two acquired fibre to the home assets into the acquirer’s business operation.​ Two of the integration work packages were Network and Systems that required specialist technical expertise to deliver.​
Crafting a Cutting-Edge Blueprint for Future-Proof Building Management
Undertook an advisory project to review Cityfibre’s technical solution for its building management, providing it with a pathway to develop a state-of-the-art future proof operating model.​
Empowering Ethical Finance
Triodos Bank were looking for sector expertise to provide a paper on the UK FTTx market outlining market information, background and analysis to enable them to understand the market and allow them to identify risks when looking at providing debt facilities to FTTx service providers.
Competitive Intelligence that Empowered Brsk to Lead the Broadband Revolution
Brsk were looking to get an understanding of their competitors’ agility in the market with reference to intelligence, insights, and data
Helping CTG Transform from Infrastructure Provider to ISP Leader
CTG were interested to expand their product offering from a pure in building infrastructure provider to a full ISP.
Airband’s Technical Expedition Scrutinised for Investment Potential
Provided a team of 8 senior technical consultants to undertake a technical due diligence of Airband, covering network, operations, regulatory, network quality, build plan and market review, supply chain, people, process, systems.​
Telenova partnered with Voimatel, employing a consignment approach to resell legacy network assets from Nordic operators. Voimatel, a Finnish service provider, specialises in telecom and power network solutions across regions.
Telenova supported Voneus in transitioning from a fixed wireless to a fiber network operator, offering crucial resourcing and design services. This facilitated the expansion of high-speed broadband in rural and underserved areas across England and Wales.
Telenova deployed a technical team to streamline compaction and migration strategies for Vodafone’s legacy voice network, facilitating the transition to a new IP-based solution.
Working with KCom to provide a turnkey service for decommissioning, recovery, and disposal of its legacy national optical network, ensuring maximum return under a consignment agreement.
Working with Telstra to conduct a thorough investigation into a pair of cards with high failure rates, providing a detailed fault report and recommendations to mitigate network risks. As Australia’s largest telecom company, Telstra excels in network operation and product services.
Telonova adapted legacy STM16 optical cards to offer variants not available on the secondary market, ensuring ongoing network reliability for BT.
Talk Talk
Talk Talk collaborated with Telenova to develop a mobile exchange solution for rapid deployment during major outages. This ensured uninterrupted internet and telecommunications services for UK businesses and consumers.
Network Rail
Telenova redesigned and remanufactured a rail-side cabinet temperature solution for Network Rail, enabling continued network operation without a technology refresh. This project facilitated Network Rail’s infrastructure upgrades to meet rising passenger demands.
Telenova investigated and addressed a high failure rate and repeat returns of a system memory card by redesigning and remanufacturing it with current components for BT.
Jersey Telecom
Telenova collaborated with Jersey Telecom to manage its System X network, allowing staff to concentrate on a new softswitch-based voice solution. JT, a government-owned provider, offers global connectivity and enterprise solutions, including SIM swap prevention and messaging.
Airband underwent a review of its rollout and market strategy at the request of its lead investor. Specialising in providing superfast broadband to rural areas, Airband sought Telenova’s independent assessment to support its expansion efforts.
Telenova audited and redesigned a national broadband network for Deloitte, evaluating costs for transitioning to an FTTH infrastructure. This initiative aimed to improve network efficiency and service delivery through strategy, design, and operational excellence.
Telenova tackled challenges in Ericsson’s managed services, devising solutions for items lacking original equipment manufacturer (OEM) support. Our innovations ensured seamless customer delivery, vital for fulfilling contracts worldwide.
Telenova delivered NMS compaction services to reduce a legacy EMOS estate by over 200 workstations, reducing power, reducing faults, and generating spares for ongoing maintenance.​
UPP worked with Telenova to implement a Radius server solution, encompassing health checks, API installation, configuration, and validation. UPP, now part of Virgin Media O2, elevates broadband connectivity in East England through fiber-optic networks.
Working with BT to implement obsolescence solutions for its legacy transmission estate, extending network lifecycles. As a global communications leader, BT offers essential services across 180 countries, including fixed-line, broadband, mobile, television, and IT services.
Telenova contributed vital technical expertise to the National Highways NRTS transformation program, spanning various disciplines. As a top technology firm, Telent specialises in designing, building, and maintaining critical digital infrastructure, particularly serving the public sector, transport, emergency services, and network providers.
Tel Bru
Telenova managed TelBru’s FTTH network project, covering design, planning, and deployment. As Brunei’s top telco, TelBru offers fixed line, internet, broadband, leased lines, and data services, contributing significantly to the country’s ICT ecosystem.
BT collaborated with Telenova to execute a legacy network compaction program, necessitating data audits and technical expertise. The planned compaction yielded significant opex savings through power reduction and hardware repurposing
Swish Fibre
Swish Fibre received essential resources, including technical expertise from Telenova, to meet initial objectives. As a top Full Fibre broadband provider, Swish Fibre aims to boost UK connectivity, aiming for a higher global coverage ranking.
Telenova evaluated aging transmission cards, crafting a cost-effective repair strategy to mitigate network risks. Thales, a global tech leader, excels in digital innovations like cybersecurity, aerospace, and transport.
Full Fibre
Telenova offered Full Fibre offered a comprehensive network design package, including high-level and low-level design, tailored to their build program. This facilitated the expansion of fiber networks, particularly in underserved UK towns, ensuring connectivity equality.
Telenova extended KCom’s legacy national network using secondary market equipment, ensuring seamless service delivery without new technology integration. This supported KCom’s communication and integration services throughout the UK.
Telenova delivered a comprehensive solution for the rapid installation and commissioning of various technologies in POP builds, ensuring the achievement of UPP’s ambitious timeline. This initiative supported UPP’s mission to provide next-level broadband across the East of England.

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