Mission Accomplished

Reduce and retire

When it’s time to reduce or retire a legacy network, our collaborative approach and robust processes make Telenova the ideal partner for successful network transformation and compaction programmes.

We can:

  • Deliver power and real-estate footprint savings via network compaction.
  • Embrace the circular economy by reusing legacy assets.
  • Ensure environmentally focused recycling services.
  • Assist in the resale of assets.
  • Ensure assets find purpose beyond their initial use.
  • Find spares and repairs for your network.

Are you ready to reduce and remove legacy systems? Is your network’s mission accomplished?

Our work

Telenova partnered with Voimatel, employing a consignment approach to resell legacy network assets from Nordic operators. Voimatel, a Finnish service provider, specialises in telecom and power network solutions across regions.
Telenova deployed a technical team to streamline compaction and migration strategies for Vodafone’s legacy voice network, facilitating the transition to a new IP-based solution.
Working with KCom to provide a turnkey service for decommissioning, recovery, and disposal of its legacy national optical network, ensuring maximum return under a consignment agreement.
Jersey Telecom
Telenova collaborated with Jersey Telecom to manage its System X network, allowing staff to concentrate on a new softswitch-based voice solution. JT, a government-owned provider, offers global connectivity and enterprise solutions, including SIM swap prevention and messaging.
Telenova delivered NMS compaction services to reduce a legacy EMOS estate by over 200 workstations, reducing power, reducing faults, and generating spares for ongoing maintenance.​
Tel Bru
Telenova managed TelBru’s FTTH network project, covering design, planning, and deployment. As Brunei’s top telco, TelBru offers fixed line, internet, broadband, leased lines, and data services, contributing significantly to the country’s ICT ecosystem.

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