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Transformation planning

Our comprehensive services ensure seamless network transformation and compaction, yielding significant OpEx savings through strategic planning, power efficiency, and hardware reuse. From legacy compaction to expert support, we deliver indispensable in-house expertise, ensuring efficiency and savings.

  • Network and Data Assurance: Engage in pre-transformation audits for clean data sources, ensuring seamless network transformations.
  • Efficient Job-Pack Production: We craft detailed job-packs, enabling smooth network transformations, whether executed by your engineers or ours.
  • Skilled Service Migration: Our engineers execute planned works with minimal disruption, ensuring seamless customer service, migrations, and network alignment.
  • Infrastructure Rearrangement Expertise: Trust our skilled engineers for vital rearrangements in sync, DCN, and NMS, preserving network integrity during migrations and closures.
  • Efficient Decommissioning: Power down, decommission, and recover legacy equipment with our skilled engineers, ensuring a seamless transition to newer technologies.

Navigate network evolution seamlessly with Telenova's transformation planning expertise

Our transformation planning work

Telenova deployed a technical team to streamline compaction and migration strategies for Vodafone’s legacy voice network, facilitating the transition to a new IP-based solution.
Jersey Telecom
Telenova collaborated with Jersey Telecom to manage its System X network, allowing staff to concentrate on a new softswitch-based voice solution. JT, a government-owned provider, offers global connectivity and enterprise solutions, including SIM swap prevention and messaging.
Telenova delivered NMS compaction services to reduce a legacy EMOS estate by over 200 workstations, reducing power, reducing faults, and generating spares for ongoing maintenance.​
Tel Bru
Telenova managed TelBru’s FTTH network project, covering design, planning, and deployment. As Brunei’s top telco, TelBru offers fixed line, internet, broadband, leased lines, and data services, contributing significantly to the country’s ICT ecosystem.
BT collaborated with Telenova to execute a legacy network compaction program, necessitating data audits and technical expertise. The planned compaction yielded significant opex savings through power reduction and hardware repurposing

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