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Telenova’s the North Star in your network journey, guiding you to growth and success.

We’re a team of talented individuals who are greater than the sum of our parts, which means we can offer tailored strategies whatever your challenge.

From conducting market analyses for expansion, to identifying risks in construction zones or evaluating market strategy and competition, we provide comprehensive business planning solutions.

Our approach is highly collaborative, and our processes and experience are tried and tested.

  • Business Plan Support: With real-world expertise, we can enhance your business creation and operations journey.
  • Market and Build Plan Analysis: Strategic network development based on analysis tools, data analytics, and market insights.
  • New Proposition Development: Count on our specified technical skills to develop new propositions, supporting your expansion into new markets and geographies.

Trust Telenova to transform insights into effective plans and guide you towards success.

Our business planning work

Crafting a Cutting-Edge Blueprint for Future-Proof Building Management
Undertook an advisory project to review Cityfibre’s technical solution for its building management, providing it with a pathway to develop a state-of-the-art future proof operating model.​
Competitive Intelligence that Empowered Brsk to Lead the Broadband Revolution
Brsk were looking to get an understanding of their competitors’ agility in the market with reference to intelligence, insights, and data
Helping CTG Transform from Infrastructure Provider to ISP Leader
CTG were interested to expand their product offering from a pure in building infrastructure provider to a full ISP.
Airband underwent a review of its rollout and market strategy at the request of its lead investor. Specialising in providing superfast broadband to rural areas, Airband sought Telenova’s independent assessment to support its expansion efforts.
Telenova undertook a consultancy project to optimise technical alignment and achieve supply chain savings across Axiata’s six operating companies. This initiative supported Axiata’s Triple Core Strategy, enhancing efficiency in its Digital Telco, Digital Businesses, and Infrastructure sectors.
Telenova partnered with Bandwidth to deploy a VOIP platform across Europe, meeting emergency calling regulations and operational needs. This initiative aligned with Bandwidth’s goal to enhance communication services via its global IP voice network.

Our business planning clients

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